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Sometimes a vehicle goes missing. Other times it needs to be repossessed by a creditor. This is where Specialized Recovery Services Inc. comes in. We offer vehicle location in West Palm Beach, FL. Our service includes vehicle tracking and local vehicle towing. We are a collateral recovery specialist and have the technology and know-how to locate a vehicle that needs to be repossessed or find a towed vehicle and assist its owner with reclaiming it.

At Specialized Recovery Services Inc., we use the most up-to-date technology and only bill our customers after location and recovery. We scan numerous license plates per day, and once we get a hit on the license plate we are looking for, the vehicle location and recovery is handled in a couple of ways: instant repossession or location and coordination. Instant repo arranges for an employee to pick up the vehicle before we bill our client a flat fee.

With location and coordination, Specialized Recovery Services Inc. gets in touch with our client or the creditor we are repossessing the vehicle for and coordinates the vehicle recovery. After securing the vehicle or vehicles, we then bill our clients. Both of our vehicle location and recovery methods are affordable and efficient. With our technology, we are able to locate just about any vehicle in the area, making repossession for creditors and individuals easy and stress-free.

Specialized Recovery Services Inc. takes pride in making sure lost or defaulted vehicles are located and transported to the location they need to be at. Our team is trustworthy, efficient, and hardworking and will get the job done no matter what.

Allow us to assist with the location of your automobile.

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