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RV campers, cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles are all pieces of property eligible for repossession if monthly payments are not met. We know that creditors sometimes have trouble repossessing land and watercraft, but at Specialize Recovery Services Inc. we provide reliable repossession towing in West Palm Beach, FL. Our towing fees are affordable, which means creditors will not be losing money. We specialize in vehicle repossession, including boats towing, car towing, and motorcycle towing.

Repossession is a tough business, especially from a creditor’s point of view. With all of the paperwork you have to go through, we know how stressful the job can be, which is why we take care of the repossession towing and dealing with vehicle owners, giving creditors one less thing to worry about while they figure out who has defaulted on what payment and how much vehicle owners owe in monthly bills.

Our repossession towing offers the benefit of collateral in the case that vehicle owners are unable to meet the necessary payments owed to creditors. Often times this is a substantial amount of money, which enables creditors to place the repossessed vehicle up for public or private auction in order to collect on what they are owed. In order to complete the process as quickly as possible, our repo towing includes vehicle location as well, allowing us to run license plates through a system until we find what we are looking for.

Repossession from Specialized Recovery Services Inc. is designed to make life easier for creditors. The fewer cars they have to worry about repossessing, the more time they have to focus on paperwork and other important matters.

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